What is LAMIS Arabian Treasures?

LAMIS Arabian Treasures is a brand, established in 2021 and based in Dubai. We’re creating and manufacturing high-quality silk scarves with unique, first-ever designs for the Gulf region.

The LAMIS Arabian Treasures brand introduces newly, never seen before designer scarves with the symbolic meaning behind each scarf! Our scarves are not just a simple set of fancy patterns, words and colors. Each one is devoted to the history, culture and peculiarities of the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman – of our great, multinational Arabian Gulf region.

LAMIS Arabian Treasures Team

Artists in Love with the Arabian culture


All our designs are echoes of cultural treasures and secrets, historical ornaments and present-day Middle East symbols. Soft to the touch, as our name LAMIS itself implies, each of our scarves will be a genuine Arabian treasure in your personal collection of accessories.


Who are the authors of our scarves designs? To create real Arabian treasures, we’ve gathered the best team of Arabian artists, illustrators, graphic designers and visual art educators.


All LAMIS Arabian Treasures prints are unique author prints designed specially for our collection and never found anywhere else! Each design is created with love to Arabian history, culture and people by talented, ambitious and proud of their countries artists.


We’re glad to introduce to you our designers: in our catalogue you can find the detailed information about creator of each scarf design together with the symbolic meaningful idea behind the scarf by the artist’s impression.

Quality in Everything: from Product to Service

Under the leadership of our Creative Director Nadia Ivanitskaya, an experienced director and owner of other businesses, our team not only elaborate exquisite scarves designs, but also control each step of their manufacturing, supply and client service

We answer for the premium quality of fabrics and colors used for our scarves
We provide with high-quality service our retail customers choosing our ready-made designs
We ensure individual approach to corporate clients, who can order their own branded scarves for their company
We guarantee free from risk cooperation to wholesale buyers


Your Satisfaction defines our Success